Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paper back copies A Journey Well Taken

Please order directly from me and I will autograph your copy. The only place you can get a real signed copy is from the author. Elaine

A Journey Well Taken: Life AFter Loss Available on Kindle

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grief During the Holidays and Book Discount "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss" only $8.95

Grief and mourning during the holidays can be very draining, not only for those mourning the loss of a loved one, but for those around you also. Our friends and family want us to be happy, but at times, it seems like there's nothing that can help us lift this despair. Sometimes, all you need is someone to listen or perhaps a read from someone who has been in your shoes and understands what you're experiencing.

During this sometimes stressful period, I'd like to offer my book, "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss" at an appreciable discount. My mission is and always has been to get the book out to those who really need to read it -- or get it into the hands of those who know someone that needs to read it. Perhaps you are that someone or know that someone in your family, community or circle of friends.

Please use this direct link for your discount. If you would like the book autographed, please email me at or write a short note on the special instructions on the paypal order page. You do not have to be a member of paypal, but can pay securely with major credit card.

You can go to the link on my website or the link on the right to order through paypal.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Judi's House for Grieving Kids

Judi’s House was founded by Brian Griese in honor and in memory of his mother who died when he was twelve years old.

The vision of Judi's House is a community in which no child has to feel alone in grief. Our mission is to help children and families who are grieving the death of a loved one find hope and healing within themselves. At Judi's House, an environment of acceptance and understanding allows children and adults in peer support groups to share the experience of loss with others. Judi’s House increases awareness and knowledge of grieving children’s needs by extending grief support services to schools, faith-based groups, hospices, and other caregivers in the community.
Judi's House is located in Denver, Colorado, and more than 2,600 children and their adult caregivers from the metro area have participated in our groups since we opened our doors in 2002.

"The death of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. For a child, whose entire experience of the world is defined by their connection to a handful of people, the death of one of those people can be isolating, confusing, life-altering … devastating. While other family members are overcome with their own experience of grief and loss, children often become forgotten mourners."">

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Radio Interview with a Twist

On June 17th I was invited to be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Michael Gogger, and this was a first for me, because Michael is a psychic medium. He was gracious enough to invite me to be on his show and it was a wonderful experience. Take a listen and visit">

Limited Special, Autographed Copy of A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss for $7.95

I'm doing a special on my book, A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss, for a limited time only. Get the book for only $7.95, including postage. (NYS resident must pay sales tax.) This offer is only available on my website at the following link --">

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guest Post by Richard Moyle -- Mesothelioma Cancer Center at

The Process of Grief
This is a guest post by Richard Moyle from the Mesothelioma Cancer Center at is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information to our visitors in the hopes of spreading awareness about the dangers of asbestos cancer.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. This type of cancer is typically diagnosed in its later stages and is usually difficult to treat. This is because the cancer has an unusually long latency period and mesothelioma symptoms do not begin to show for at least 25 years after exposure. The typical life expectancy of someone diagnosed with mesothelioma is about one year after diagnosis.

Losing a loved one, whether it be a tragic accident or an illness, is one of the most difficult things to cope with and no two people deal with the loss of a loved one the same way. However, there is a general process that most people go through after the death of someone close to them.

British psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby has presented a 4-step process
that looks at grief through the eyes of someone who wants to continue living even though their loved one has passed on. Bowlby clarifies that the stages of the grieving process can shift and overlap and remarks that ALL stages of the grief process may even take place at the same time and that the amount of time spent in each may be controlled by a huge number of factors including age, personality, and the conditions surrounding the death of the loved one.
The 4-step process is as follows:

• Shock and Numbness – Feelings of unreality and de-personalization (i.e. "This isn’t happening to me."), people in this stage practice "self-protective" behaviors, which makes them appear stoic but that is just a defense mechanism against pain.

• Yearning and Searching – Also known as "pining", the bereaved longs to be with the deceased. Some say they see or hear the deceased during this stage. The bereaved speculates how they will get along without their loved one. This is a long stage for many, but some pass through it rather quickly.

• Disorganization and Despair – Mourning sets in. The bereaved may experience deep depression or despair and feelings of bleakness. Some individuals require therapy during this time, especially when anguish hinders everyday activities or results in contemplation of suicide.

• Reorganization – The bereaved "assimilates" their loss. The person who has reached reorganization is now learning how to live life without their loved one. This stage may represent a redefinition of life for many individuals.
There is no set amount of time for each of the first three stages and anyone can get stuck in one for a long amount of time. This is not a problem as long as it does not interfere with things like the person’s job or personal relationships. If that point is reached, it is helpful for a friend to step in and assist the bereaved in seeking professional help.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Contest

Enter today to win a copy of "A Journey Well Taken: Life AFter Loss," by Elaine Williams. Simply send an email to with ENTER ME in the subject line.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heal Your Pain, Releasing the Emotions of Grief

Heal Your Pain is now available, go to the link below. It will also be on Amazon shortly. In the meantime, you can go here to purchase the book">

My portion of the proceeds will be going to Make a Wish Foundation at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Author's Show on the air Today

I had an interesting interview with Don McCauley of The Authors Show, which is getting a lot of press and alot of traffic to their site. The interview is about 15 minutes and you can listen to it here all day on April 8 at">

Monday, March 23, 2009

Author's Show Interview April 8

I had an interesting interview with Don McCauley of The Authors Show, which is getting a lot of press and alot of traffic to their site. The interview is about 15 minutes and you can listen to it here all day on April 8 at">

Friday, March 13, 2009

Can Spring be in the Air?

Where I live in the mountains, Spring likes to tickle and tease, then jumps back and away as we get more snow and winds, bringing the temperature from a March 45 degrees to a 14 degree morning. I’ve lived here 30 years, and I’ve learned you can’t be fooled by what “appears” to be Spring. I admit I’m anxious for the warmer weather. Even more time outdoors, no heavy boots, coats or gloves. I do enjoy some parts of the winter, I still hike, snowshoe or x country skiing, snowmobiling, but those windy, - degree weather days, those I don’t miss.

Every day for the last few weeks I’ve been taking the pup out for hikes over our old logging roads out back. Yesterday we went quite deep and up the mountain, and began coming down some ledges, when behind us I heard dogs howling and yipping from where we’d just come. So we hotfooted it out of there. Myself and a 28 lb. border collie/australian shepard 5 month pup might not be a match for 4 or 5 wild dogs. I’ve run into this from time to time, but thus far I’ve been lucky…so, extra precautions next time we’re off into the woods.

So, this weekend looks like it will be in the 50’s, and perhaps Spring is teasing us again, and Monday and Tuesday it may drop back down to the 20’s again, but I guess I’ll take the warmer temperatures this weekend. Family gatherings and then on to swing dancing on Saturday evening. Should be fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

16 year olds in charge of the world

What would that be like? For myself, this is the 3rd time I've experienced life with a 16 year old boy, so I can't speak for girls.

As a parent I wouldn't have to worry anymore about the decisions they're making, why they resist curfew or the notion that they're speeding down some dark road, literally and figuratively.

Being in charge, they'd hopefully have a pretty good handle on how situations will turn out, before they join other 16 year olds and charge into a situation.

"Stay out of my life and my things" will become pretty much a standard, accepted phrase.

16 year olds in charge of the world -- think of the stress, fear and tears it will save parents...............

Nahhh, I don't buy it. I guess some of us will just have to keep on letting them think they're in charge of their world, while we look out on our end, teach them the best we can, and then hope for the best.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soon to be Released: Heal Your Pain: Releasing the Emotions of Grief & Loss

“HEAL YOUR PAIN, Releasing the emotions of Grief & Loss” - by Janet Greene & Elaine Williams - Paperback
We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Heal Your Pain.

This Companion Handbook is the perfect gift for a grieving friend or relative, to guide them to release the overwhelming emotions as they surface (so they don’t have to carry them year after year) and as a resource to navigate the grief emotional roller coaster.

Heal Your Pain is also the perfect starting point for those who still carry the pain of a loss years or even decades ago. Until this emotional pain is released, healing and the capacity to move on is limited.

This gentle Companion Book will show you how to release the overwhelming pain that keeps reappearing at the most unexpected times, resolve and heal your emotional shocks, and prepare you to create a life beyond grief.

Availability Notification
Please email with the topic Heal Your Pain and we will notify you.

Win a Copy of A Journey Well Taken Today

Visit Bobby Ozuna's blog and post a comment about my book and/or radio interview on The Soul of Humanity Radio, and a winner will receive a signed copy of "A Journey Well Taken".">

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Desert Year - A Blog About the Desolation of Losing a Child

I found a blog today -- or rather Gannet Girl found me. It's "Desert Year", URL below, the heartbreaking reflections of a parent having lost their 24 year old child only 6 months ago. I lost my spouse, the father of my children, and that was an experience I struggled with for five years. To my way of thinking, losing a child would seem to be absolutely the most devastating experience anyone could endure.

I too have a twenty four year old son.">

The Soul of Humanity Interview March 4

The Soul of Humanity Radio Interview March 4 at 8 p.m. ET with writer and promoter Bobby Ozuna at">

We will be talking about self-publishing in relation to my book, A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss, and also my new book coming out in April on healing grief through emotional releases. Heal Your Pain, Releasing the Emotions of Grief and Loss.

Stop by during the show. I will also be giving away a copy of A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Book Contest

Book Contest giveaway for March. Win a copy of A Journey Well Taken: Life AFter Loss by Elaine Williams. To enter, send an email to media (at) with ENTER ME in the subject line.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Karing4Kerri cause and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

A friend in NJ just told me about a neighbor of hers, whose granddaughter, Kerri is about 20 years old now and developed a terrible disease while in High School a few years ago. When you hear about things like this, you suddenly are reminded of how good your life is, and how important is our own and our children's health.

Kerri Jarvis has been struggling with a neurological disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. There is a Treatment in Germany that has a good chance of putting her in remission if it works. It will cost about $80,000 for the trip this summer. They have raised around $40,000 so far. If she is not able to get the treatment or go into remission, the Doctors give her only a couple of years to live. Even if you can donate $5, it would be a big help to them. There is a way to give with a credit card and paypal.">